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Plan for success

When your business depends on computers, servers and IT infrastructure to serve your customers, It makes prudent sense to invest in a high performance & reliable IT infrastructure. Xpress offers best IT consulting services in business & education customers who are setting up a new office, expanding an existing setup or revamping an old IT network.


Main Services

Xpress consulting for new offices & campus will largely cover the following:

  • Plan for expansion & growth.
  • Make a total Bill of materials document for the project – along with suggested IT schematic diagrams.
  • Prepare estimated quotes for the total BOM & labour charges.
  • Co-ordinate with project vendors such as architects, electricians & others – with relation to the IT network setup.
  • Make site visits during the execution of the job to ensure that network standards are met.
  • Xpress IT consulting services – best IT service providers can play a major role in our customers’ ability to run a successful business, serve their customers efficiently,
  • Employee efficiency & ability to grow their business seamlessly.
  • Design a high speed network – wired and wireless.
  • Design wireless hot spots with adequate security.