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Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 Family: At Work Inside a Server

In business, data is your most valuable asset. Put a server based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v3 product family to work and make your data safe and accessible at all times.

A Server is…

Always Reliable. Unlike a desktop PC, a server can automatically detect and correct memory errors that can cause a system crash. Error correcting code (ECC) memory helps improve data integrity and enable 24/7 system uptime.

Never Late. Centralizing data on a server lets your company access information faster and respond to customers sooner. A server can also help protect critical business information with redundant storage.

A Strong Performer. More processing power with an Intel® Xeon® processor means faster sharing of information with productivity-enhancing applications and tools. Employees will welcome your new teammate who helps them work faster and smarter.

Strict with Security. Intel Xeon Processor-based servers have hardware features that protect your system from unauthorized updates or changes and enable secure, fast encryption for 3rd party applications.


Why do you need a server TODAY

Your company has many ongoing needs: to better organize and safeguard business information, to communicate effectively and professionally with customers and suppliers, and to make the most of your existing computers and office equipment.

Introducing the right technology into your business can help you accomplish these goals and save you time and money, keeping you focused on your business, not on technology. The foundation of an effective technology solution starts with a server.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I am afraid of losing data if my PC crashes
  • I need to protect sensitive data
  • It is difficult to access data from outside the office
  • I have multiple versions of the same document stored in various locations
  • Troubleshooting computer problems is a headache
  • I find servers too complex and costly to manage and maintain


A server can help you organize your business to be more efficient and more secure, helping you to get more done while saving you time and money.

  • Centrally store to easily find and share business information
  • Stay connected and up-to-date when working out of the office
  • Protect critical business information from disaster or theft
  • Share and access resources centrally (i.e. printers, business applications)
  • Run your critical business applications

Work with Xpress – A Intel Technology provider

Choosing the right solution for your business is too important to leave to chance. As a Intel Technology Provider, Xpress can you help select, install, and optimize the productivity of small business solutions and also offer a wide range of services or support.