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Intel Technology Provider

Intel technology experts since 2 decades

Intel Technology Provider Gold benefits.

Intel Technology Provider

Get the best of Intel technology

We are trained in the latest Intel technologies and give you direct access to market-leading products and technology solutions that can help improve and strengthen your business.

Faster support

We get Advance Warranty replacements, additional trainings & other benefits that allow us to offer faster support & replacements for Intel products.

Expert advice

As a Platinum provider, Xpress has expert knowledge of Intel products that allow us to help you make the right buying decisions.

Get the best of Intel Technology

As a Gold Intel Technology Provider, we are always one step ahead of the curve. We deliver the most innovative Intel-based technologies & solutions with advanced manageability, security & energy-efficient performance that effectively meet today’s needs & scale to tomorrow’s wants.

Faster support from Intel

Xpress has a strong working relationship with Intel. Exclusive access to partner training, online tools, support and more, direct knowledge of Intel’s latest market-leading technologies and product launches, including access to pre-release Information about products and solutions.

Trusted advisor

As a Gold Intel Technology Providers, We are a most distinguished Intel partner, having demonstrated superior business and technical skills as well as leadership in the development of innovative customer solutions based on Intel technologies.

Better PCs & Servers

We are required to fulfil advanced training requirements and skill set development to ensure they remain on the leading edge of Intel’s most advanced technology solutions that satisfy today’s business needs while considering emerging technologies.