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Server support plans

When your Business is powered by a server, Look no further. We offer support for all brands of servers & offer core expertise on Windows Server 2019, MS SQL & other apps. Xpress is a Microsoft Certified Partner & an Intel Authorized Support Partner. Our teams include trained & certified Server support experts to ensure quick uptime.

Who We Are



Server Support

Xpress has been providing support for servers for over 25 years.


Our Core expertise on Windows Server, Intel Architecture servers from all brands, IT hardware diagnosis, support team and in-house stocks of spares ensure that we can manage your servers and offer quick support in case of hardware or software failure.


Xpress managed rack and pedestal configurations of servers and offer Server Support packs from all vendors at best rates.

Our Server support keeps your business running.

We Support all brands

Dell, HP, Lenovo – We support them all.


Microsoft Windows Server experts

We support Win server 2019 and earlier versions


Support from anywhere.

Our Remote Support team ensure quick server support


Gold Support plan for new and existing servers

Windows server setup incl user setup, security, rights mngt and more.


Xpresslive Platinum Support Plan for Servers

  • Xpress platinum support available on all days (on a best effort basis)
  • Xpress Assist button on your server for instant resolutions.
  • Hundreds of server problems solved remotely. No more waiting.
  • Onsite same or next business day support available
  • Windows server experts available online.

Give your business an extra edge.


Partner with Xpress to maintain your IT infrastructure.

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